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Preparing Your Files

Covidence can import files from

  • citations managers such as Zotero or Endnote that are in the RIS format
  • databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, Embase, PsycInfo, etc. that are in the RIS format
  • PubMed that are in a PubMed text format

Pro Tips!

  • When you save your RIS or PubMed text file, make sure that abstracts are included.
  • If you have trouble importing RIS files, you can try using an XML file instead.
  • Max. import file size = 50 MB
  • Max. import of 15,000 references at a time
  • Can only import one (1) file at a time, but there is no limit to the number of imports you can add to a review

Importing Citations

Most of the time you will import citations into Covidence so you can begin the Screening stage, but the system will let you import references into other category stages if the need arises.

Import options include Screen, Full text review, Included, Excluded, Irrelevant


Steps to import references

  • Select the import destination from the dropdown menu
  • Use the Choose file button to navigate to and select the RIS or XML file you want to add
  • Click the Import button

The import process begins automatically.

Pro Tips!

  • File size impacts processing speed, so don't be surprised if files with high numbers of references take a while to import
  • Covidence automatically detects and marks potential duplicate entries
  • You will want to double-check the results of the automated de-duplication process for potential errors (use Import History to do this)

For more details go to

Viewing Duplicates and Errors

More information on Importing Citations

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