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Collecting Data

Covidence makes data extraction easy by helping you to design a data extraction template. Once you've designed your template with all the relevant data points you want to collect, the software will walk you through filling out the template for each study. 

To get started, click on "extracted" in the data extraction section of your reviews homepage then click on "Data Extraction Template" at the top right.

a picture of the extracted button in Covidence a picture of the extraction page of covidence

Data Extraction Template

a picture of the data extraction template in covidenceThe Extraction Template page is separated into three sections: 

1. Item Settings

In item settings you can select a data extraction point (like title) and then be able to add specific settings for that data, such as "instructions to extractors." 

2. Editor 

This is where you will edit your template. Initially there will be a standard template set here. Any of the areas can be edited, however, by clicking on the title (such as Methods). There is also an option in this section to select  "I want to start from scratch" which will erase the starting template and allow you to start fresh. 

To add new data points, simply click the plus sign and select from the options available. 

3. Preview 

The preview section is there to show you what your extraction template will look like based off of the design you've created in the editor section.  

More Information on Collecting Data

Additional information on extracting data using Data Extraction Tool 1.0 can be found by clicking here.

Additional information on extracting data using Data Extraction Tool 2.0 can be found by clicking here.

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