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Company & Industry Research Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the steps to researching a company or industry.

Financial Information

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Company Annual Reports: Check the parent company's annual report for any mention of its subsidiaries' or divisions' financial status. Often, but not always, a parent company will include this as part of the annual report.

Company annual reports can be located in a variety of places. The most obvious source is your company's homepage. Companies will have their annual reports located in different places on their homepages, so you may have to look around for them. Again, links that say "Corporate," "About Us" or "Investor Relations" would be good places to look. Companies will usually list only the most recent company annual report on their homepage. Many will also include other corporate filings such as 10-K and 8Q reports. These reports can also be found through library resources and websites such as LexisNexis Academic and the SEC website, listed below.

Financial information about subsidiaries and divisions can also be found in newspaper and trade magazine articles. Be sure to search databases which provide access to these publications. A list of these databases can be found in the Finding Articles section.

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