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Company & Industry Research Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the steps to researching a company or industry.

Company Basics

The first step in researching a company is to know a few of the company basics. You should know the following about your company:

  • Full operating name of the company
  • Headquarters location
  • Public or privateparent or subsidiary

Although these may seem like simple things to know, a company’s identity can be a complex matter. Many companies have similar names, but are separate distinct businesses. Others may have the same name but are subsidiaries located in different cities or states. Some companies have very similar names can be confused with each other; General Electric can refer to General Electric Company or General Electric Capital Services or General Electric Capital Corp. In some cases, subsidiaries can be confused with their parents.

The form of ownership of a company can be confusing as well. A well known company, such as Mars Inc. which manufactures candy and ice cream, may be private. Some smaller locally owned companies such as Life Partners Holding Inc. may be publicly owned. Remember that mergers and acquisitions happen daily. A company may start out as a publicly owned enterprise only to be acquired by another company several months or years later. Subsidiaries and divisions can change hands as well and can begin operating under a different parent company. It is important that you know who owns your company when you begin your research.

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