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Data & Digital Scholarship Tutorials

Workshop Objectives


This introductory workshop will guide researchers through the basics of using SPSS:

  • Navigating SPSS
  • Preparing a FIle for Data Entry
  • Entering Data into SPSS
  • Saving Data Files
  • Reverse Coding Likert Scales
  • Computing Total Scores for a Scale
  • Running Frequency Tables
  • Creating Codebooks in SPSS
  • Visualizing Your Data
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Saving Output Files
  • Importing Files from Excel Into SPSS
  • Exporting Files from SPSS Into Excel

SPSS Workshop

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Thank you for your interest in the BU Data Scholar Program's Introduction to SPSS Workshop! The objective of this course is to provide introductory skills needed to utilize the software program referred to as the "Statistical Package for the Social Sciences" also known as "SPSS." I look forward to meeting each of you soon!


Brianna P. Lemmons, Ph.D, MSW

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(1) Take Workshops, (2) Pass Quizzes, (3) Become a Data Scholar

Interested in becoming a Data Scholar?


Takes only six workshops!

Pick any Two Categories Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from Each of Those Categories: (Total of 4)


  • Data Visualization
  • Text Data Mining
  • Python Data Scripting
Pick any One Category Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from That Category:


(Total of 2)

  • Research Data Management
  • Finding Secondary Data


* Workshops are offered every semester. No need to fit all 6 in one semester. Become a Data Scholar at your own pace.

* Becoming a Data Scholar is not mandatory. Take any workshop you like.


1. Click here to enroll in the Baylor Libraries Data Scholars Program course in Canvas.

2. Find the quiz for the SPSS Workshop listed under Data Visualization.

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