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Course: HIST 1307 - World History since 1500

Assignment: Drawing on the themes of global interdependence and migration, you will write a 4-6 page (double-spaced) paper on an individual (e.g. Hasekura Tsunenaga, Eliza Bradley, Hannah Arendt, etc.) who crossed multiple borders and described his or her experiences. After writing the paper, you will design a Story Map as a visual accompaniment to your paper.


One Map Note per Story Map slide

After successfully logging in, click Map link at top page header.
Select a Basemap that you like


Ensure the Map Contents are visible
Use the Search Box to zoom to a location.
Create a layer of our location by using the dropdown and select New Map Notes Layer.
Rename the new Map Notes layer.


Navigate to a second location and zoom in close enough to manually select buildings on the ground.  
Click Add and select Add Map Notes

Provide a name based on the location selected


Leave Template as Map Notes


Click Create

Select a Stickpin, Pushpin, or Cross and place the marker on the map.


Specify Title, and optionally Description, Image URL, Image Link URL.


Add another pin for fun?

Click the triangle to the right of Add Features to exit Edit mode.


Zoom back to your first location and zoom in relatively close.

To add a new feature, first ensure that the Map Note you want to edit is the top layer in the Contents list.


Click Edit

Experiment with adding additional Points and Areas  


  1. Zoom out to view all features
  2. Create a new Map Note named Journey
  3. Draw a straight line connecting your two regions
At the top toolbar, click Save and select Save.
Specify Title, Tags, and click Save Map.

Click Share on the top toolbar


Check Everyone (public)


Click Create a Web App

Click Build a Story Map


Select Story Map Journal


Click Create Web App

Leave defaults and click Done


Click Save on the top right of screen
Click Share on the top left


Click Add and select Browse Living Atlas Layers.

Search for historical  




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