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Data & Digital Scholarship Tutorials

Workshop Description

This workshop will guide researchers through the basics of developing data reports using Microsoft Power BI.

The following functionality will be covered:

  1. Working with local spreadsheets
  2. Creating visualization objects using default tools
  3. Importing tools from the Microsoft Appstore Marketplace
  4. Columns & Measures
  5. Publishing and Sharing (*Faculty/Staff Only*)


We will use the following three examples:

  1. Median home sale prices by month from March 2008 - December 2019.
  2. All tweets by Donald Trump from May 2009 - January 2020
  3. Demographic data of male contestants from The Bachelorette, seasons 11-15.

Power BI Workshop

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Click Get Data and select Excel


Browse and select the downloaded PBI_Workshop.xlsx

Select the HomeSales_Unpivoted table


Click Load

Fields now appear on the right


Add a table showing State and Average sales per State
Adjust Sales from Sum to Average (or Median if you wish)

Change table to a pie chart


Then to Tree Map

Explore Tree Map settings


Adjust colors using the Switch Theme button

Format prices as currency


  • Switch to the Data View
  • Select Average-Sales
  • Click Modeling at the top
  • Click Dollar sign
  • Select $ English (US)
  • Back to Report View


While we are here, set the default summarization to Average

Add Map


  • Drag StateName to Location
  • Drag Average-Sales to Size
  • Adjust Average-Sales to Average

Adjust Map Settings

  • Data Colors
  • Map Controls
  • Map Styles
  • Heat Map (if heat map, redo colors, increase to 50 pixels)


Add a new slicer

Set the slicer to Region

Modify Settings:

  • Selection Controls
    • Uncheck Multi-select with Control

Add second slicer for the Year-Month


To adjust to filter by year, set Year-Month to Date Hierarchy


Click From Marketplace to add custom visuals

Search for slicer


Add the Chiclet Slicer


Change Region Slicer to a Chiclet


Adjust Chiclet Settings

  • General: Columns to 1

Back in Marketplace


Search again for Slicer


Add the Timeline Slicer


Change Date slicer to a Timeline Slicer

Click Y on the slicer to change to year increments


Then in settings, uncheck Granularity


** If the slicer is not working, re-drag Year-Month to Time

Add a Card for Cumulative Average of Sales  


Add a line chart showing average sales by year and region



Add a New Page
Import the Tweets1 Table  

In the Marketplace, add the Word Cloud custom visual


Create a Word Cloud and drag Content to category

In Word Cloud Settings:

  • Ensure Stop Words are turned on and within Stop Words, enable Default Stop words.
  • To add additional stop words, enter them in the text box separated by spaces.


Suggested Stop Words:

realdonaldtrump trump com http bit ly tinyurl donald

Add a new column


Year_Month = CONCATENATE(YEAR(Tweets1[date]),SWITCH(MONTH(Tweets1[date]),1," Jan",2," Feb",3," Mar",4," Apr",5," May",6," Jun",7," Jul",8," Aug",9," Sep",10," Oct",11," Nov",12," Dec"))

Create Card visual with Year_Month

From marketplace, add the Play Axis (Dynamic Slicer)


Add it to the report


Drag date to Field


Click the pitchfork down-arrows *twice* to drill-down to year, quarter, month


Create a data report using the demographic data of male contestants from The Bachelorette, seasons 11-15.

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