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Social Work

Step 1

Review the guide Systematic Reviews created by the Baylor University Libraries. Also from this guide take a look at the flowchart below to determine the appropriate review type.

review type flowchart

Step 2

Email and give as much information as you can in regards to your interest in a systematic review for your research question or project.  She will schedule a meeting to meet with you (and your team) and the librarian(s) who coordinate the Baylor Libraries' systematic reviews service.

Thinking Ahead

If you are working as a researca team, remember that accessing commercial databases will require a valid Bear ID or your team members will need valid subscriber access at their home institituions or universities. 

If they do not have access, then the team will need to create a plan for database searching.

If the non-Baylor team members have access from their home institutions then it will be a good idea to compare available databases for the team.

University Libraries

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