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Journal and Search Alerts for Business

Alerts are a great way to stay current with your research. This guide will help with setting up alerts with several of the large database providers.

Saved Searches

Create a Saved Search alert

  • Create a personal account
  • With your personal account you can save search results and searches and set up alerts for searches, journals, and citations (alerts for each time a specified article is cited).
  • From any Web of Knowledge database, click Register and complete the details. You can create up to 25 searches that are stored in your profile and matched to new citations in the database(s) on a weekly basis.
  • Conduct a search -- when you are satisfied with the results, click on the "Create alert" button to the right of the search box.  Name your alert and click "Create".


  • Search alerts can also be created from the search history page.  Click on "History" at the top of the page.
  • Click on the bell icon to select a search.
  • Name your alert and click on "Create"

Citation alerts


How to Create a Citation Alert

When you create a citation alert, you will be notified by e-mail whenever the article you have specified has been cited by a new article. Your alert is active for one year and you may renew the alert at any time. You will be sent an e-mail approximately two weeks before the alert expires to remind you to renew your alert.

To create an alert, you must be a registered user and you must sign in to your Web of Knowledge account.

  1. Sign in to Web of Knowledge.

  2. Run a search from the Search or Advanced Search page to find records for which you want to create a Citation Alert.

  3. From the Results page, click on the title of a record to go to the Full Record page.

  4. Click the Create Citation Alert button.


           Click on Create Alert to create the citation alert for the current record and to return to the Full Record page.

        Go to the toolbar at the top of the page and click on the Saved Searches and Alerts and select Citation                  Alerts from the menu to see the article for which you created the citation alert.

Journal alerts

 Journal alerts can also be created. To do this, go to "Current Contents Connect"

Once you have made this selection, chose the subject area your journal(s) are published in

Then select your discipline


  Next, select journals for which you want to set alerts

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