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MKT 4320: Marketing Channels

Library resources to aid students with the completion of the class project for MKT 4320.

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Research Tip - market share

Market share data for companies is not collected officially by any one group.  There is no one resource that can be used to locate market share data for every company or product.

Be prepared for different numbers as you look at different resources.  Market share numbers will differ due to the methodologies used.  Is it the entire automobile industry or just compact automobiles?  Is it 1st quarter for this year or 3rd quarter for last year?  U.S or global market???

Just because you did not find information for your company in one of the electronic resources does not mean that you can not get market share information.  You can still calculate an estimated market share for your company.  There are several different ways this can be done.

  • Company sales: divide your company's sales(if they have just one service or product) by the industry's total sales * 100

        Ex: Company X made $65,000 in sales last year.  Industry sales were 750,000    65,000/750,000 * 100 = 8.6%


  • Products sold: Same as above: number of widgets your company sold divided by total widgets sold * 100

        Ex: TalkTime sold 35,000 phones in the 1st quarter.  So far, there have been 450,000 phones sold industry-wide.

             35,000/450,000 * 100 = 7.7%

Another possible way to look at this is by the number of customers served:

Shiney Bright is a window cleaning service that cleans windows for businesses within a 30 mile radius of the business.  There are 25,000 businesses that are potential clients.  Last year, Shiney Bright cleaned windows for 9500 businesses.

9500/25000 * 100 = 38%

Information that you need to calculate market share can be found in your company's financials, industry reports, Economic Census, etc.

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