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Citing Business Resources & Creating Bibliographies

Looking for help in citing information from one of the online resources provided by the Baylor Library? Here you will find examples to guide your citations using APA v. 6

Citation basics

What information do you need to cite an interview? Here is what you need:

  • Name of person who was interviewed
  • Title of interview if part of a publication, recording or program
  • Interviewer's name
  • Date
  • medium of publication



Citation examples - interviews

blogs and video blogs

R. Branson.(2011, June 2). Advice for entrepreneurs. [video]. Youtube.

P Davis. (2013, Feb 14). Does your brand have curb appeal? [Weblog].


Vedantam, S. (Host). (2015-present). Hidden brain [Audio podcast]. NPR. https://www.npr.otg/series/423302056/hidden-brain

recorded interviews

Wiesel, E. (2002, April 18). Nightline. (T. Koppel, interviewer). [television]  [url for website]


For an interview that you do yourself, this falls under personal communications and is not cited in the list of references.  It is instead cited in the text.

(R. Wilson, personal communication, November 19, 2007).




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