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360 Video

360° video is an approachable gateway to VR development that faculty may use for instruction and assignments


Most 360° photo/video content is viewable on web browsers, as sites that can host this content will incorporate support in their player or viewer. Yet, additional technology adds additional elements, and the more elaborate, the more immersive the experience.

Mobile devices can add value to the viewing experience if the viewer utilizes the phone's gyroscope, in which case the content rotates as the device rotates.

Insert the phone into a harness (like Google cardboard), and the user's hands are freed allowing the head to control the screen, and two separate stereoscopic graphics render a virtual 3D world.

Full VR headsets add additional degrees of movement, and usually add motion control and haptic feedback. In this environment, interaction with the virtual world becomes possible.

Moody Media Lab Items

The following VR viewers are available in the Media Lab in Moody Library, by appointment.


View-Master VR Headset

Available for checkout from HelpDesk+ in Moody Library. Requires smartphone, not included.


Oculus Rift CV1


Oculus Go


HTC Vive


  • Gear VR
  • Oculus Quest (2019)

[details pending]