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Moody Media Lab

Welcome to Studio A!

Studio A in the Moody Media Lab provides a fast, automated way to record basic video presentations and single-camera projects with only a USB and the push of a button! It also offers a variety of options to enhance your videos that include a green screen and a lightboard. This guide will provide details for working in Studio A to successfully record your classroom presentation, pitch video, audition tape, and more!


Lamppost: Media Lab Basics
This guide introduces the basics of video production through detailed instructions on operating Studio A in the Moody Media Lab. It is intended as a supplement to your exploration of the space and the joys of videography, presentation, and creative modes of thinking through moving images. If you would like to dive further into concepts explored here, explore our other guides listed below to expand your understanding of Studio A and video production to light bulb and spotlight levels of literacy. To learn more about our library literacies initiative and our tiered approach to literacies, see our guide.


The Space

Studio A Full View.
Studio A Mainstage Behind Camera.
Studio A Lightboard Overview.


Mainstage and Presentation

(1-5 people) The Mainstage offers the opportunity to record a variety of studio-based video projects utlizing professional lighting, backdrops, and audio recording equipment. Studio A Mainstage is designed to be as hands off or intricate as you would like for your creative project. Need to record a quick presentation on a solid background? Simply activate our standard lighting grid and lav mic and put a USB into our recording interface and hit the record button. Interested in doing a complex studio setup with Boom Mics, colorful lighting, and a greenscreen? We can help with that too. Beyond the automated recording equipment, you may also bring your own equipment and utilize the space however you see fit. Need to do a photo shoot? Studio A is a great space! Record a panel podcast with more than 2 people? Studio A. Create an audition video? You got it!

(1-2) In addition to the full Mainstage, the Presentation area is a lighted corner for creating class presentations with green screen backdrops. This space includes the camera, lav mic, lighting, and a podium for the presentation.

Lightboard Studio

(1 person) The Lightboard Studio is an audio and video recording space equipped with a glass writing board, through which video is mirrored and captured. Your writing appears the correct direction for viewers. Use this studio to record handwritten notes during your lecturettes, proofs and equations, declensions, drawings, and more. The Lightboard Studio easily captures audio/visual recordings on USB, with secondary network copies. We've provided a black backdrop, studio lighting, wireless lav mic, and a monitor to help you get the result you want.

Simply plug in your USB and press a button to start and stop the recording!

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