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Moody Media Lab

Welcome to the VR Lab!

The Moody Media Lab VR Lab provides a space to explore virtual reality with tethered and untethered options. Featuring a high-end gaming computer with an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive along with multiple Oculus Go and Meta Quest 2 headsets, our VR Lab is a currently growing space for all your virtual reality experience and development goals! This guide will provide details for setting up the Oculus Rift and links to reserving headsets and the space!


Lamppost: Media Lab Basics
This guide introduces the basics of virtual reality through detailed instructions on setting up the VR Lab in the Moody Media Lab. It is intended as a supplement to your exploration of the space and the joys of creative modes of thinking through virtual reality. If you would like to dive further into concepts explored here, explore our other guides to expand your understanding of the VR Lab and extended reality production to light bulb and spotlight levels of literacy. To learn more about our library literacies initiative and our tiered approach to literacies, see our guide.


The Space

VR Lab from the entrance.


Set Up

Step 1

Turn on the computer on the media rack. You can find the tower on its side on the middle shelf underneath the black curtain.

Step 2

Turn on the television. The remote is on the small table to the left of the VR media rack.

Step 3

Take the Oculus Rift controllers off the rack hangers they are hanging on and put your right hand through the right controller loop and tighten around wrist and follow that with your left hand through the left controller loop and tighten. They shouldn't be so tight as to cut off circulation, but should be able to dangle below your hands if you let them go.

Step 4

Ensure the Oculus app has automatically launched after startup and then place the headset on top of your head, adjusting for fit, lens distance, and tightness of the headset.

Step 5

Launch any of the 150+ experiences from the headset or select an application from the Oculus launcher on the computer to launch in headset. If you are with others, they will be able to see the action streamed from your headset onto the television screen as well.

Clean Up

Step 1

Quit whatever application you were in.

Step 2

Remove headset and hang on sensor bar as you found it initially.

Step 3

Remove left and right controllers from your wrists and hang them back on the rack hangers at the front of the VR rig.


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