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Moody Media Lab

Recording studios, A/V media equipment loans, VR/AR lab. We've got great stuff for your multimedia projects.
Moody Media Lab.


About Us

The Media Lab has opened paths for faculty to create and distribute course content in innovative ways that engage students in ALL learning environments. The multimedia resources produced as a result of using the Media Lab have encouraged faculty to (1) create student-centered learning environments based on research-driven best practices, (2) revisit instructional philosophies to refine how learning is measured and assessed, and (3) leverage the digital learning space our students are accustomed to interacting in." - Dr. John Solis Senior Academic Consultant, Instructional Designer, Learning Design

Moody Library was generously offered a gift from the Shumacher Foundation and four office spaces to create digital media lab spaces for the Baylor community. Included are three recording studios, audio and visual equipment for reservation, and computers for editing and rendering.

Reading literacy and access to knowledge in the written word has long been a central goal for libraries. With the ascendency of digital literacy and the expense of access to the tools of this trade, libraries have increasingly begun providing media creation and exploration spaces. Baylor University Libraries is pleased to provide opportunities for media exploration and experimentation at no cost to the Baylor community.

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Our Services

Many faculty have been recording instructional content for years and assigning creative projects to students using the Media Lab. With current demand for hybrid and online courses, the Experiential Learning Commons is widening our net, and offering a variety of spaces for multimedia production and exploration:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lightboard
  • Editing
  • XR

For each, we have dedicated studios, support materials, how-to guides, and equipment for use from your home or office.

If you have any questions, please make an appointment and let's talk!

The Media Lab is a service of the Experiential Learning Commons, a part of Library and Academic Technology Services

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