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Moody Media Lab

Let's Get Started with Quest 2!

The Moody Media Lab Quest 2 headsets provide the opportunity to explore virtual reality without the need for a PC and connection tether. This guide will provide details for setting up the Meta Quest 2 headset and operational policies to follow to ensure you have a safe and pleasant time exploring VR in the Experiential Learning Commons!


Lamppost: Media Lab Basics
This guide introduces the basics of virtual reality through detailed instructions on setting up a Quest 2. It is intended as a supplement to your exploration of the space and the joys of creative modes of thinking through virtual reality. If you would like to dive further into concepts explored here, explore our other guides to expand your understanding of the VR Lab and extended reality production to light bulb and spotlight levels of literacy. To learn more about our library literacies initiative and our tiered approach to literacies, see our guide.



Set Up

Step 1

Find a space in the Garden Level of the Moody Memorial Library where you can create a 6 ft. x 6 ft. square for your experience.

  • The VR lab area is ideal if the Oculus Rift is not in use.
  • 6 ft. x 6 ft. is roughly 3 x 3 carpet tiles on the floor of the Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library.

Step 2

Put each of your hands through the wrist straps for the appropriate controller and tighten the straps against your wrist. You can tell which controller goes with which hand with an "L" and "R" embossed on the strap tightening plastic piece. The straps should be tight enough to allow the controllers to dangle from your wrists without you holding onto them.

Step 3

Place the headset on your head and adjust the straps to a comfortable, firm fit on your face. Use the two vertical plastic pieces along the horizontal strap wrapping around the back of you head to adjust the tightness and the velcro strap running along the crown of your head to lift and secure the headset against your eyes.

As the device loads, if the headset is firmly set and comfortable but continues to be blurry, check the lens spacing inside the headset and widen the spacing between 1 of 3 levels by gripping one lens on the sides and gently pushing the lens left or right to widen or narrow the lens spacing.

If you have glasses, place the headset over your glasses first and place the strap over the back of your head second, and to remove, separate the headset from your eyes first before sliding it off the back of your head. Eyeglass spacers may be requested and installed.

Step 4

When the headset loads a Guardian set up prompt will appear. Always draw new boundaries and reset the height of the device to ensure a personalized experience and safe boundaries to avoid any issues with your chosen surroundings in the ELC.

Step 5

Launch any of the experiences from the headset or explore the virtual environment.

Clean Up

Step 1

Quit whatever application you were in.

Do not turn the power off on the headset, it will go into sleep mode after being placed on the charging station.

Step 2

Return to the VR lab and clean the headset.

  1. Remove facial interface from Quest 2.
  2. Gently clean silicone cover with provide paper towels and alcohol. Ensure the cover is dry after wiping down.
  3. Re-Install the facial interface on the Quest 2.
  4. Clean lenses with the provided lens cloth.

Step 3

Place headset and controllers on the appropriate charging station and ensure all three lights are solid orange to indicate the equipment is charging.

If flashing orange, the controllers or headset are not properly set and you can remove and reset them or ask for help from Media Lab staff.

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