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University Libraries have a range of initiatives to help faculty design and embed literacy curriculum in their courses, to prepare students for careers as thoughtful, effective communicators and content creators.

Welcome! This guide is a place to learn more about how to incorporate the libraries' literacies (including information literacy, data literacy, media literacy, and maker literacy) into your courses. We are here to support you and your students. Use the page navigation or the links below to learn about:


This guide is meant to serve faculty and instructors who are interested in partnering with the libraries to incorporate library-supported literacies into their courses.

Literacies and the Role of the Libraries

"Literacy" is truly a constellation of many "literacies," which cross the bounds of digital and non-digital, material and immaterial. Fundamentally, literacy involves using the full range of tools to communicate all knowledge. As traditional stewards of knowledge and always incorporating new technologies, libraries have a clear role in promoting literacies to the university community.

Baylor Libraries' literacies initiative emphasizes a few specific literacies: Information, Data, Media, and Making. We provide support through our tiered information literacy instruction program, self-paced and online data literacy courses, and media lab and makerspace collaborations. We equip faculty and students with the skills they need to become creators, producers, and communicators of information and research in addition to those skills they use as consumers and evaluators.

The libraries use a tiered approach to literacy instruction, reaching students at three main touchpoints

Lampposts: Library Basics
Students are introduced to the basics of academic libraries in their New Student Experience courses. Instructors have the option to embed the Library Lamppost Online Learning Modules into their Canvas courses. Each module, or lamppost, represents a topic that will help light the way on the path toward using the library for academic research.


Light bulb: Research Basics
Students are introduced to the basics of academic research in their first year writing course (among other lower-level courses). The light bulb represents the next level of research skills and includes things like creating a research strategy and evaluating authoritative information. These concepts are conveyed in the classroom as well as through online learning modules, videos, and guides.



Spotlight: Research in the Disciplines
Students are introduced to advanced academic research skills by working with research librarians in upper-level courses specific to their discipline. The spotlight represents the in-depth instruction, research guides, advanced search strategies, and research consultations provided by the research & engagement librarians.

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