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What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is an enterprise video solution for education. The platform allows users to host video and audio and share that content in various ways. Kaltura also offers recording solutions, such as Kaltura Capture for desktop recording and Kaltura Mediaspace Go for mobile recording.

Kaltura offers integration with Canvas as well as their own public-facing hosting platform called Mediaspace. These are covered in subsequent sections. Any video uploaded to Kaltura is accessible by its owner both through Canvas and Mediaspace.

My Media

Perhaps the most important place in Kaltura is a menu called My Media. This menu will show you every video you are the Owner of in Kaltura. It is also where you go to manage the media you own.

My Media is accessible two ways: through Canvas and through Mediaspace. While most options are available both places, some are limited to one platform or the other.

In Canvas, you can access My Media as a menu option from inside a course or by going to Account > My Media.

In Mediaspace, log in on the top right and you will see a My Media menu option appear at the top of the page. You can also access My Media from any page on Mediaspace by simply selecting Your Name > My Media.

From My Media, you will be able to edit most aspects of your video, including the title and description, the owner, the captions, and even the actual video content itself.


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