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Kaltura in Canvas

Kaltura integrates with Canvas and allows you to use video content in your courses. By default, the integration should be enabled on every Canvas course. You can verify it is enabled by looking for the My Media and Media Gallery menu items within the course. If you do not see these, you will need to enable them.

To enable them, go to Settings > Navigation and drag My Media and Media Gallery from the bottom section (disabled) to the top section (enabled):


After you have done this, be sure to click Save.

NOTE: You should not need to install Kaltura in your Canvas course. If you are asked for an administrator secret, you are attempting an install, which has already been done. Instead, verify that My Media and Media Gallery are enabled in your course.

My Media

My Media is the menu which shows you all the videos you own in Kaltura. This menu is user-specific, so you will only see videos you own, while other users will see videos they own. From this menu you can access your videos and even edit, manage, and share them.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a course-specific video repository. Each Canvas course has its own Media Gallery. Everyone in the course can see videos published to the Media Gallery, and everyone in the course can publish videos to the Media Gallery.

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