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Why Video?

"Today’s learners seek a 'high touch,' personalized learning experience that includes less formal and more social interactions and environments, 'humanized' instructors, and options and choice in resources and learning materials."

Source: Kendra Grant, "The Transformational Use of Video in Online Learning"

"82% of respondents viewed students’ expectations for how much video should be part of their learning experience as increasing."

Source: Kaltura, "The State of Video in Education 2019"

"Video is one ubiquitous technological tool and medium at our disposal. Both familiar and excitingly new, video is an excellent catalyst for change. When intentionally designed, produced, and curated, video amplifies what works and helps transform current practice to better address the unique expectations, abilities, and needs of today’s learners."

Source: Grant, "Transformational Use of Video" (Emphasis added)

"The highest rate of positive feelings, by far, is the ability of video to increase the satisfaction of students with their learning experience, as 91% believed video had a positive impact in this area. 76% see it increasing satisfaction of teachers with their teaching experience. Other areas in which more than three quarters of the respondents thought video had a positive impact include increasing student achievements (82%) and increasing educator collaboration and professional development (80%)."

Source: Kaltura, "The State of Video"

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