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Kaltura Mediaspace is a public-facing platform for hosting videos in the Kaltura system. Many videos shared on Mediaspace can be accessed without a Baylor login, which makes it perfect for content outside the university. There are also videos which require a Baylor login but aren't tied to a single course.

My Media

My Media is the menu which shows you all the videos you own in Kaltura. This menu is user-specific, so you will only see videos you own, while other users will see videos they own. From this menu you can access your videos and even edit, manage, and share them. Note: you can only edit your video's captions on Mediaspace. For more information, see the Kaltura 101 Research Guide.


Channels are user-generated collections of videos in Kaltura. Any user can create and manage their own channels. For more information, see these pages on creating and managing channels.

University Libraries

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