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Finding Data - Business Data Research: Data Scholars

Business data can come in a number of forms and come from a variety of sources. Here we cover some of the data sources that are covered in the "Finding Data: Data for Marketing" and "Finding Data: Data for Economics" workshops which are part of the Data

Participation in Data Scholars Program

Interested in being a Data Scholar?  Use this link to register for the program and record your workshop attendance:

Send us feedback

We are constantly looking to grow and improve our workshop and would appreciate any feedback on how to make workshops better in the future.


Data Scholar Progam

(1) Take Workshops, (2) Pass Quizzes, (3) Become a Data Scholar


Interested in becoming a Data Scholar?  Take 6 workshops and pass the quizzes for each workshop.

Takes only six workshops!

Pick any Two Categories Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from Each of Those Categories: 


  • Data Visualization
  • Text Data Mining
  • Python Data Scripting
Pick any One Category Below, Take at Least Two Workshops from That Category:


  • Research Data Management
  • Finding Secondary Data


  • No need to take all 6 workshops in one semester. You can take workshops at your own pace.
  • Workshops are offered each semester
  • You do not have to complete the Data Scholar program -- Take the workshops you are interested in!

Badges and Certificate
If two modules in a single category are passed, the researcher is issued a digital badge in this category. See Available Badges Here. A full Data Scholar Certificate (non-transcript) is issued to researchers who complete 3 digital badges, one of which must be Research Data Management or Finding Secondary Data.

Interested??   Sign up here:



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