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THEA 1103: Musical Theatre

Library Guide for Theatre 1103: Freshman Voice for Traditional Musical Theatre

Crouch Books

Crouch books (located on the "Print" side of Crouch) contain information on Broadway's roots, its most recent shows, instruction on directing and managing musical theater, and biographies on those involved in music theater.

Books about Musical Theatre

Choreographer - Agnes de Mille

Choreographers also play an important roll in the making of a musical.  Here's a link to a number of categories of books about choreographersAgnes de Mille Biography, Where the Wings Grow.

Below is a segment from the dream sequence in Oklahoma, choreographed by de Mille.


Performers are vital to a show's success and popularity and performers often effected how and what the composers wrote.  Here are some examples (notice some are not located in Crouch):

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