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HIS 4378:American Women's History Since 1865: Finding Journal Articles

Resources and strategies for discovering and using historical, social, visual, and textual materials to learn about America's women's rights movement.

Anti-Suffrage Poster, c. 1917

This Anti-Suffrage poster, c. 1917, is from the University of Minnesota Library's "War Poster" collection.  It typifies the type of rhetoric used to undermine the suffrage movement and the paternalistic attitudes which prevailed in the United States until much later in the 20th century.  Image is from the online resource Artstor, an excellent source of art, posters, images, photographs, etc. that add to our historical understanding of a culture.

Scholarly Articles: United States History

Listed below are the essential sources for finding scholarly journal articles in the field of American history.

Journal Articles and Collections: American History

In addition to the primary scholarly finding aid, America History and Life, listed above, the following resources are very useful for locating both primary source items and/or scholarly studies on various aspects of American history, society, and culture.

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