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HIS 4378:American Women's History Since 1865: Online Sources

Resources and strategies for discovering and using historical, social, visual, and textual materials to learn about America's women's rights movement.

U.S. Women's History Since 1865: Online Sources

The online resources listed below all cover some part of American history to 1865.  A few cover all the way back to the colonial era (Empire Online, Early English Books Online, American Memory, Documenting the American South, and Colonial State Papers), while others are more general or more specialized.  In using some of them you will want to think broadly - so what can HarpWeek or The Historical New York Times tell you about the concerns of women or what their role was as you look at the advertisments in these items?  

You'll also want to remember that politically correct speech came into use only starting in the 1970's so offensive words for minorities, ethnic groups, and women might be what you will want to use in searching or at least not be surprized when you see them in print in these sources, especially in much earlier time periods.

New York Journal, May 17, 1896

Take a close look at the different expressions on the faces of the women atheletes verses those of the the young ladies and women observing their sport. 

Feminist Buttons

The buttons on this jacket display just a few of the sentiments of women in the 1960's and 1970's as they sought to change the often limited options they faced.  The tv show, MadMen, is an accurate depiction of the sexism of that era (take a look at this Washington Post article from 2010 to get a sense of how accurately that show depicts the lives of working women in the mid-60's).

FBI Typing Pool, 1965

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