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HIS 4378:American Women's History Since 1865: Finding Books

Resources and strategies for discovering and using historical, social, visual, and textual materials to learn about America's women's rights movement.

Tips for Finding/Using Book Reviews

Book reviews, especially scholarly or lengthy ones, can be good sources of information about the author of the book, his/her scholarly background and biases, as well as how this book compares to others in the field (or if it's unique).

Use the indexes to the scholarly literature in your field (and related fields) to find book reviews in the scholarly journals for your discipline.

Finding Book Reviews

Using OneSearch

"Doing Research" by Viewoftheworld, from Flickr


WorldCat is a searchable database of thousands of library catalogs from around the world. 

You can search here to see if a book you can't find through OneSearch exists elsewhere.

Successful Searching

Good sources of information are well-organized. Searching in article and book databases is easier if you know about how they are organized, so here are some tips to make your search for resources more effective and less frustrating:

  1. Search for people using the "Last Name, First Name" format.
  2. When searching for rulers of countries you may need to search by the name they ruled under (Nicholas II), by their birth names, or by combining the name they ruled under with the subject term "history," or the country name ("Victoria" and "history" and "Great Britain" all as subjects).
  3. Note that countries have "official" names as well ("Great Britain," not "England" or "Britain" or "United Kingdom").
  4. Any subject is likely to have an encyclopedia, dictionary relevant to your work, so search in OneSearch’s Advanced Search change Any Term to Subject, enter the term you want and the word dictionary ("Russia dictionary"). The same is true for terms such as sources (for primary sources), bibliography, and biography (ex: d:Russia d:bibliography). 
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you keep coming up with either nothing or too much, please email me, make an appointment with me, For help now look for the LiveChat box near the bottom of this page.

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