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CHE 4151 Chemistry Undergraduate Seminar

This guide will help senior chemistry majors complete their report for senior seminar

Reading and Annotating a Scientific Paper

Scientific research articles usually include

  • abstract:  highlights of the major points of the paper
  • introduction/background:  context and purpose/hypothesis of the experiment
  • methods:  what was done
  • results:  sometimes combined with the methods or analysis
  • analysis:  how well did the experiment work
  • discussion:  sometimes combined with the analysis or conclusions
  • conclusions/future work

Knowing the different sections of a scientific article will make it easier to understand the article.  By comparing the same section across papers, you might be able to discern how the science has evolved or the influences of one group on the other.

For more help with reading scientific papers, sign up for a library workshop.  Also check out this resource.

Practice Articles Template Spring 2023

We will go over how to read a scientific article in class.

You will need to download the practice article for your section.

The practice article for Dr. Gibson's seminar students is Miniature Personal Ozone Monitor Based on UV Absorbance

The practice article for Dr. Trawick's seminar students is Astrocyte Elevated Gene-1 Cys75 S-Palmitoylation by ZDHHC6 Regulates Its Biological Activity

The practice article for Dr. Shaw's seminar students is coming soon

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