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CHE 4151 Chemistry Undergraduate Seminar

This guide will help senior chemistry majors complete their report for senior seminar

Introduction and Assignment Overview

The assignment for this class generally consists of three parts

  • presenting an article during your assigned seminar time
  • writing an abstract on the article you present (usually due the week before)
  • writing a report on the article you present (usually due the week after)

Check with your syllabus and your instructor to see if your assignment differs from this


The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance to resources for students taking CHE 4151.


spotlightThis library guide is part of our “spotlight on the disciplines” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to advanced academic research skills. These skills are developed by working with research librarians in upper-level courses specific to their discipline. The spotlight represents the in-depth instruction, library guides, advanced search strategies, and research consultations provided by the research & engagement librarians.

Class Feedback

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