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CHE 4151 Chemistry Undergraduate Seminar

This guide will help senior chemistry majors complete their report for senior seminar

Writing the Abstract

You will need to write an abstract on your lead article.  The abstract is generally due a week before your presentation.  Depending on your section, you maybe required to write a

  • Summative abstract:  ~200 words with no figures or equations
  • Expanded abstract:  ~500 words, figures and equations are allowed.

We will go over how to write an abstract in class

In many scientific fields, a summative abstract is the reader’s point of contact with research.  In order to train students and ensure that they can explain their research, students attending this workshop must write an abstract.  An abstract is usually one paragraph of about 200 words.  No references, figures, and equations are allowed in an abstract.  References to other literature are to be avoided.  Although it is difficult to condense months of work into so few words, the task is easier if one thinks of an abstract as a miniature version of a paper.  The abstract should not simply list the topics covered in a paper or the tasks accomplished over the project but address the same points that would be covered in a paper.  The author should include one or two sentences on each of the following:  the motivation or scope; the principal objectives or problem statement or hypothesis; the methods or approach; the results and analysis or discussion; and the principle conclusions.  Addressing each of these issues will cover all the important aspects of the project.  If the above approach is used, students will not only effectively describe their research project but also learn how to communicate clearly.

For more help with reading scientific papers, sign up for a library workshop

Abstracts for Spring 2023

Dr. Gibson's seminar students will write an extended (500+ word with optional figures) abstract.

Dr. Trawick's seminar students will write an an extended (400-500 word with optional figures) abstract

Dr. Shaw's seminar students will write an abstract.

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