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University Libraries have a range of initiatives to help faculty design and embed literacy curriculum in their courses, to prepare students for careers as thoughtful, effective communicators and content creators.

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Literacies Micro Courses



The libraries have developed a micro course for each supported literacy:

  • Information, data, maker, and media literacies
  • Students receive a new badge for each completed micro course. Complete all four and students receive the "Baylor University Libraries' Literacies" badge.
  • Expected time commitment for each module is 10 minutes. Share badges online!
  • Faculty will find instructions and prepared assignments in Canvas Commons.
  • Learners may self-enroll at:

Information Literacy Modules

Other on-demand modules cover topics on:

Some of these modules are available on the Canvas Commons (just search "library") and can be embedded as modules directly into your Canvas course. Otherwise, you are free to share the links above with your students as you see fit.

Data Literacy Modules

What is the Data Scholar Program?
The Baylor University Library’s Data Scholar Program is a collection of self-paced data & digital scholarship video modules designed specifically to meet the needs of the Baylor research community. Modules are offered in the following 5 categories: (1) Data Visualization, (2) Qualitative Data Analysis/Test Data Mining, (3) Data Scripting, (4) Research Data Management, and (5) Finding Secondary Data.
The modules are included in a self-enrolling Canvas course. Sign up on Canvas Here

Faculty can Assign Data Scholar Modules in Classes
Want to include modules as assignments and/or extra credit for your classes? Simply Fill Out this Form.



Contact your subject specialist to learn more.

Class Sessions (in-person or online)

In class sessions are a popular and useful means of information literacy instruction. Our instruction sessions are specifically tailored to your assignment(s) and the learning objectives for your course. Library professionals will work with you to design a class period where students will be engaged with the content while learning to become effective researchers.

Many of our sessions include active learning and can also incorporate pre-session work to allow for more time to be spent on a practical application of the concepts. We can develop tailored learning objectives for the session and include appropriate assessments.

Library professionals are available to work with your students in online environments as well as in-person. We can host live workshops and class sessions or we can create pre-recorded content. Just let us know what works best for you and for your students and we can plan an experience that will enable them to become engaged with the material and get the most out of the session.

Some examples of past sessions we have hosted sessions include:

  • Text data mining
  • Data visualization
  • Finding secondary data
  • Citation management
  • Library Basics and searching
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 3D Printing

Experts can meet with individual researchers or groups of researchers to provide research and software support.


Library professionals can can create customized guides to go along with your course. Here are some examples:

Canvas Integration

Library professionals can be added into your Canvas course. They can play as much or as little of a role as you'd like. We can create discussions around information literacy related topics, create quizzes, add modules, videos, and other content. Or, we can simply be added to the course as a resource for students to go to for research help.

Contact your subject specialist to learn more.


Visit to ask questions and get connected with a library professional to integrate literacies into your class.

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