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EDC 5321: Contemporary Curriculum

A guide for the course EDC 5321: Contemporary Curriculum

The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)

The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database, CLCD, provides reliable one search access to all important and relevant information about Pre K-12 media of all types, including reviews from respected publications. You can limit use this database to find thematic books for various age groups and reading levels. Some materials also have curriculum tools attached to them. Click on the graduation cap icon under the item title (if available) to view curriculum tools associated with the title.

Steps for Searching the CLCD

Head to the library's website and click on the "databases" tab. Then, type in CLCD and hit "SEARCH."

Search Databases


Once you select the CLCD after you hit "GO," you may need to log in with your BEAR ID and password. Then, you'll see the advanced search page. The advanced search page provides many different ways for you to narrow and refine your search. You can search by Lexile Score, Scholastic Reading Level, awards winning books, books with professional reviews and more. Once you conduct your search (either by title, author, subject, keyword, etc.) you will see a list of results. If the item has the graduation cap icon under the title, you can expect to find some curriculum tools attached to it.


Once you click on the title and open the item record you will see more information, including tabs for the various categories mentioned in step two. Scroll down and select "curriculum tools" to view resources that are associated with that particular item.

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