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EDC 5321: Contemporary Curriculum

A guide for the course EDC 5321: Contemporary Curriculum

Steps for Searching in ERIC

To access ERIC, go to the "databases" tab on the library's website. Type "ERIC" into the search box and hit "GO." Select the first option from EBSCOhost (a database vendor).

Once you are in ERIC (if you're off campus, you may need to log in with your BEAR ID and password) you will be taken directly to the advanced search page. This is where you can enter your search terms (see the search basics tab for assistance in crafting an appropriate search strategy) and set limiters (ways to refine and narrow your search). 

ERIC has some unique limiters, so scroll down to see them all. Some important ones to remember for your Curriculum Analysis Summary Report assignment are:

  • Limit by education level (to limit to a specific grade or education level in your search results)
  • Limit by publication type (to limit to curricular resources in your search results).
    • Guides--Classroom--Learner and Guides--Classroom--Teacher will bring back curricular resources

Once you limit and refine your search, you'll see the search results page. When you come across a title that looks relevant to your research you can go ahead and select it. You'll want to pay attention to the:

  • Source (tells you where it came from--which journal, etc.)
  • Descriptors (tells you the subject headings so that you can find more related content--remember subject headings are standardized language and they tell you what the item is about rather than just a keyword that shows up somewhere in the item record but doesn't necessarily reflect the content)
  • Link to full-text (or PDF). Remember, if there is nothing available in full-text you can request via OsoFast (our interlibrary loan service)
  • You'll also see the education level listed in the item record.

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