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ENG 5304 Bibliography & Research Methods

Designed to help you successfully transition to the research tools, methods, and expectations for graduate literary research

General Information

Funding for your education or research will be a factor in determining your success both in support of your research and in support of your tenure and promotion as an academic. You want to be aware of the opportunities available internationally, nationally, and locally.  At Baylor, the Graduate School offers two options for funding support: travel to professional meetings, and travel to support doctoral research. You'll want to look over the requirements for these two opportunities and be sure to meet deadlines and other requirements.

In the future as a professional and academic you will want to connect with your institution's office for research or office for faculty development.  Most institutions have an office or staff who will help you identify potential grants and complete the institutional side of the grant process (are you getting release time from the institution? Do they have to hire someone to cover your teaching load? Is the institution providing overhead support in the form of office space, computers, equipment, etc. to match the grant? and similar questions). They may have a program like the Pivot database mentioned below, that will help automate the search for appropriate grants.  

In addition to these sources, don't overlook smaller or more localized sources.  Does your professional association have any grant or research awards?  Some of these may be reserved for graduate students, so be sure to join the professional association(s) most appropriate to your research (many have a discounted rate for students).  Also, as historians, be on the look out for grants and fellowships associated with specific libraries, archives, and research centers.  These may be small amounts, but will help defray costs of travel or provide a modest residence apartment for you to live in while doing research in the collections. These kinds of sources are listed in the box "Other Opportunities."

As a grad student you will most likely have to hunt out these opportunities on your own so please feel free to make an appointment with me to help you navigate setting up an automatic search on the two databases or in identifying some of the other opportunities you might not think exist.

Grant Databases and Search Engines

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