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ENG 5304 Bibliography & Research Methods

Designed to help you successfully transition to the research tools, methods, and expectations for graduate literary research.

Use OneSearch to find books

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

You want to start focusing your research to find the best relevant resources. To do that start with the major source for identifying scholarly publications (journals or monographs/books) in the field. For literature the two major sources are listed below.

One of these two sources should be where you start ALL your research for sources as a grad student. Each are produced by the major scholarly association in the fields: MLA International Bibliography by the Modern Language Association (in the US), the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL) by the British Modern Humanities Research Association.

Both index (comb through publisher's catalogues and the journals each thinks are essential to the field to provide an organized listing of the contents) and to some degree provide abstracts (summaries) of the items indexed

MLA International Bibliography Tutorials

Finding Book Reviews

Book reviews, especially scholarly or lengthy ones, can be good sources of information about the author of the book, his/her scholarly background and biases, as well as how this book compares to others in the field (or if it's unique).

Use the sources mentioned in the boxes on this page for Electronic and Print Resource tab to find book reviews in the scholarly journals for your discipline. In the electronic sources type in the title of the book and limit the (article) type to review to find out if there are reviews.  For the Print resources there will usually be a section labeled "Book Reviews" or "Reviews." Don't hesitate to check with me if you have questions.

The reviews in scholarly journals may appear as much as 3 - 5 years later than the publication year of the book, so don't limit your search too narrowly.

The sources listed below are additional places to look for book reviews - some brief, some longer - if you don't find any in the databases.

Searching for Scholarly Journals Beyond Literature

Below is listed the main database to search besides MLA International Bibliography and ABELL for the intersection of religion and literature.

In the area of art and architecture there are several database and they are of two kinds: journal article and image.  The journal databases are listed first, then the image databases.

Image databases provide you with easy access to a variety of collections, most of which may be used in lectures, presentations, and web sites which are not publicly accessible. 

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