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BUS 4385 - Strategic Management: Industry profiles

This guide contains materials that will assist with research of companies and industries for the Strategic Management class.

Articles about industries

In addition to finding articles about companies, these resources can be used to find articles about industries. Both the NAICS code and industry description can be used as search terms.  NAICS code or description can be selected in the "Select a field" box.

Industry codes - What are they?

If you are not a business major, industry codes can be kind of confusing -- what are they and what are they used for?   Here is what you need to know:

  • Industry codes are used to classify like businesses together.  This is helpful so that businesses that grow oranges can be compared to other businesses that also grow oranges and coffee shops can be compared to other coffee shops.   They also help us gather some really helpful industry numbers such as industry revenue.
  • Businesses in the United States have used two (2) industry codes.
    • SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code was developed in the 1930's
    • NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code was developed in the late 1990's

Here is what the system of industry codes looks like:

The following shows the arrangement of the SIC code:

Major Group



Industry Group Number


Radio & Television Broadcasting Stations

Industry Number


Radio Broadcasting Stations


The following shows the arrangement of the NAICS code:






Broadcasting (except Internet)

Industry Group


Radio Broadcasting/ Broadcasting

NAICS Industry


Radio Broadcasting

Individual U.S. Industries


Radio Stations


  • Industry codes can be used to research industries,  Several of the databases listed on this page use industry codes as means of organizing or searching for information.
  • You can search for an industry code by going to the U.S. Census page and using the NAICS Lookup option (

Industry profiles

Resources here will help in finding information about industries, both in the United States and worldwide.  In most cases, searching can be done by using the NAICS code or industry description for the industry that you are researching.

Locating NAICS Codes

The NAICS code (North American Industry Classification code) is the code used by the government to classify similar businesses together.  This code can also be very useful for gathering information about a particular industry.

There are two ways you can locate the NAICS code for your industry. One way is to consult the NAICS Manual which is kept behind the information desk on 1st floor, Jones Library. The call number for the manual is Jones Info Desk HF1042 .N677x 1997. This manual contains an alphabetically listing of various industry activities and services.  By using the manual, you can check the listing for the activit(ies) or service(s) that your business or industry provides.  Along with descriptive information, you will find the NAICS code associated with that industry.  The second way to locate your NAICS code is by going to the Census homepage at the address below.

Here you will find the search box where you can search by keyword to locate the NAICS code for your industry.

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