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Intro to Alteryx

This guide provides an introduction to several of the frequently used tools in Alteryx.


Welcome to this guide which provides an introduction to Alteryx.  Here you will find the steps to using the various tools in Alteryx.  This guide also contains the data files you will need to complete this exercise,


Apply for your free Alteryx license and have Alteryx downloaded to your laptop before you come to class.  Please do this the week before class in order to allow time to get your account set up.  You can apply for your free Alteryx license Here. Once you have your free Alteryx license, you are able to download and use Alteryx on your PC computer/laptop.  Alteryx cannot be downloaded onto Mac computers/laptops at this time. Alteryx is available on computers in the business school labs. 



Data Files

Here you will find the datafiles needed for this exercise.  Download the datafiles to your desktop and give them a name you will recognize.  Once downloaded, go to your desktop and open the files to be sure they will work.  We will be using these files to investigate the various tools in Alteryx.

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