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Open Educational Resources

Introduction to open educational resources (OER) and provides basic info about finding, evaluating, adopting, adapting, and creating OER materials.

Remixing/Adapting OERs

Remixing, aka adapting or customizing, the content of an OER to fit the needs of the course is one of the greatest strengths of this instructional approach. Since the process involves not only awareness of where the additional materials are located but also the licensing conditions associated with every element, adapting OER does require careful planning and execution. 

For guides and courses on OER adaptation, consider the following:

Creating OERs

Sometimes the content needed for a course is not available for free or reasonably low cost. This provides an excellent opportunity to create an OER to fill that void. As with any publishing endeavor, the development of OER is time-consuming and requires commitment of time and resources to create a quality product.

For information about the OER publishing process, consider the following:


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