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Resources providing information for and about taxation


Welcome to the Taxation research guide.  In this guide you will find the following:

  • Resources for information on companies and industries
  • Resources to use for locating articles on topics in Taxation
  • Sources for financial statements
  • Taxation associations
  • Select websites for Taxation
  • Resources for research help


This guide serves as a starting point for research into topics in taxation.  The guide provides resources, library and internet, to begin your research in the area of taxation.  It provides a point of contact for assistance in research to ensure that your research process is successful.


spotlightThis library guide is part of our “spotlight on the disciplines” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to advanced academic research skills. These skills are developed by working with research librarians in upper-level courses specific to their discipline. The spotlight represents the in-depth instruction, library guides, advanced search strategies, and research consultations provided by the research & engagement librarians.

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