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Video Assignments

Video Assignments for Students

Submitting a Video Assignment

To submit a video assignment in the Text Entry field, click on the More button with the three dots.


Next, select Apps (the plug icon).


In the popup, select the list item Embed Kaltura Media.


This will open your My Media. Find the video you wish to submit and press the Select button to the right. This will embed the video wherever your cursor is within the text box. You may also add text or other information in the response field.


Publishing to a Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is a course-specific public video repository. Each course has its own Media Gallery, and everyone in that course can publish videos to it. Additionally, everyone in a course can see all videos in its Media Gallery. To publish a video to a course's Media Gallery, navigate to My Media and select the video you would like to publish. Then go to Actions > Publish:

Select the Publish radio button, and then you will see a menu with all courses you are enrolled in. You may select as many courses as you want and publish to all of them simultaneously. Once you have selected the courses you wish to publish to, click Save.

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