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Locating Microform Collections on Jones 1st Floor (by type)



The Library's microform collection has many older Acetate based reels.  These reels have a tendency to become warped (what we call Vinegar Syndrome) or may break easily.  When searching or using microform materials, and you come across reels that are very stinky, are wavy in appearance, or are very faded; OR, if a length of film happens to tear or break while using it, PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE SERVICE DESK!  If you can, take the film with you to the service desk.  If the reel has broken while viewing, please leave it on the ScanPro machine and inform the service desk which viewer you were using.  This will help expedite repair or removal of the item.  You may also email and report the problem.

Primary Sources found on Microform

Locating Collections in Microform Cabinets

  • Microform Collections are located on Jones 1st floor.  The Information Desk is located nearby should you need assistance with film or viewers.  Baylor Libraries uses ScanPro viewers, also located on Jones 1st floor.
  • Once you are finished viewing any microform, please do NOT return it to the cabinet.  Instead, drop it in the wire basket on top of the central cabinet so that its use can be documented.

How Do I Cite a Microform Source?

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