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ECO 4347/5V98: Econometrics

This guide contains resources to direct students toward reliable sources of scholarly articles and datasets that will aid them in course work for this class.

Why do a literature review?

A literature review 

  • Demonstrates your ability to search for scholarly works in your area of research
  • Shows you can identify areas that are missing or little has been written about, and be able to position your work
  • Lays the foundation for your paper
  • Educates the reader
  • Does not have to be exhaustive

When beginning your literature review

When you start your literature review, remember:

  • ​ Go from general to specific
  • State early in your review why the topic is important
  • If a work is a landmark study, identify it as such
  • If a work has been replicated, mention the results
  • The first page of your review should cover works that you have located that are particularly relevant/important
  • The second page of your review should be about your work -- what sets it apart from previous work?  why is your work important?

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