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Social Media Data Extraction: Social Media Use Considerations

Things To Consider

  • CONTENT - For what purpose was the data originally surrendered? For what purpose is the data now being used? How far removed from the original context is its new use? Is this appropriate?
  • CONSENT & CHOICE - What are the choices given to an affected party? Do they know they are making a choice? Do they really understand what they are agreeing to? Do they really have an opportunity to decline? What alternatives are offered?
  • REASONABLE - Is the depth and breadth of the data used and the relationships derived reasonable for the application it is used for?
  • SUBSTANTIATED - Are the sources of data used appropriate, authoritative, complete and timely for the application?
  • OWNED - Who owns the resulting insight? What are their responsibilities towards it in terms of its protection and the obligation to act?
  • FAIR - How equitable are the results of the application to all parties? Is everyone properly compensated?
  • CONSIDERED - What are the consequences of the data collection and analysis?
  • ACCESS - What access to data is given to the data subject?
  • ACCOUNTABLE - How are mistakes and unintended consequences detected and repaired? Can the interested parties check the results that affect them?

"These issues are important for all companies that use data, but they are particularly important for companies with business plans that depend on consumers, customers, or clients being willing to entrust their data to the business. As data collection methods evolve, the amount of data collected by companies will grow, and data security concerns will rise. As a result, a company's reputation and consumer trust will increasingly become of paramount concern."   (Bloomberg Law, Big Law Business, "Ethical Considerations in Using Social Data" -


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