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Social Media Data Extraction: Mining & Analyzing Social Media Data

Why Mine Social Media Data

Social Media can be mined for three pieces of information: Content, Marketing Metrics, and Network Relationships. For example, Twitter provides rich text content that can be mined and analyzed. Facebook, on the other hand, provides great metrics to see how well an organization is drawing attention to its posts. Finally, just about any social media platform contains relationships between people and the content they post.

Here are some examples:



  • An owner of an organization or fan page may want to measure the Applause Rate (likes per post), Conversation Rate (replies per post), and Amplification Rate (shares per post) of their own page and peer/competitor pages in order to rank their social media penetration.
  • Consumer sentiment around a product or service can be mined and analyzed.

Social Sciences

  • Discussions around key issues or hashtags can be mined and analyzed for sentiment levels and hot topics within the issue can be identified.


  • Discussions around new medications can be mined and analyzed to identify consumer concerns and unforeseen side effects.


  • Discussions around a conference can be mined and analyzed as part of a larger assessment study.

Mine Social Media Data

Many social media sites have APIs (application programming interface) that provide access to their content, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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