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ENG 2301: British Literature: Where to Search for Literary Criticsm

Best resources for background information and research papers on the authors and works covered in this class.

Starting Points

It's useful when you are first reading a new author to take a look at background information sources on the literary culture s/he was writing from.  The online sources listed below will give you reliable and authoritative information on specific authors, genres, or terms and movements in literature.  Spending time with these as you start reading will repay itself in a better understanding of what you are reading.

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles, Books, & Essays

Among the expectations of college research is that you will find and use the best scholarly literature for the topic you are working on.  To do that, don't use any of the Internet search engines like Google or Bing.  You'll get too many results and most of those will be personal opinion rather than educated opinion.  To find what scholars (like your professors here at Baylor) are writing about a topic, use the subject database for that field.  The two major ones for literature are described below.

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