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Ownership of Course Materials

In Section 7.3 B. (Ownership of Works Created by Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students) of Baylor's Intellectual Property Policy, it states:

For purposes of this Policy, books, articles, notes, syllabi, charts, dissertations and other works, the intended purpose of which is to facilitate teaching or disseminate the results of academic research or scholarly study, are not to be claimed by Baylor as a “work made for hire” and if ever determined to be a “work made for hire,” the resulting copyright shall be assigned by Baylor to the creator; provided, however, that if Baylor resources are used in its creation, the creator shall grant to Baylor a perpetual nonexclusive royalty-free license to use such copyrightable work. (p. 22)

Additionally, in Baylor's Canvas Access Guidelines, under Course Content section it states:

The course content within a course in Canvas is presumed to be the intellectual property of the instructor-of-record for that course.


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