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HIS 4379 - The Cold War: Biographical Sources

Resources, tips, and timelines for this period of history.

National Biographies

National biographies are excellent places to look for deceased individuals.  You will get a thorough but concise (compared to book-length) biography, analysis of major works or inventions, discussion of influences (on and by), and an excellent bibliography of primary and secondary sources on the individual.  Almost every nation has a national biography; only the major ones are listed below.

Book-length Biographies

To search for book-length, scholarly biographies about a person, go to OneSearch's Advanced Search  and enter your search terms just like this with just the same limits in Material Type and Language (especially if you only read English):

 If you get no results, first make sure you have correctly spelled the person's name (especially names of kings and queens and rulers, or foreign names that may involve a double last name). 

If you still find very few items or nothing, search  WorldCat - which will search libraries across the United States.  We can borrow books from these libraries for you.  Use the  button to Request OSOFAST to order the book.  Books will take about 7 - 10 days to arrive.

Other Reliable Sources of Biographical Information

One of the better sources of biographical information are the obituaries published in major world newspapers like the New York Times or The Times (of London).  The titles are links to Baylor's online, historical databases of each of these publications, which do not have current issues.

For obituaries in Russian news sources in English, search Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press.

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