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ENG 3300 Technical and Professional Writing: Finding Grant Funding

Grant Types - Government, Private, Non-Profit

There are many types of granting agencies, from the U.S. government, private foundations (large and small), local community (government and private), to the GoFundMe website for crowd sourcing and fundraising on a more personal level. All of these sources may provide opportunities for your community partner to use. You want to vet these different agencies, confirm they are still operating, what their primary interest is, how competitive they are, and what their funding and reporting cycle is like. 

Consider the following points as you search for appropriate granting agencies:

  • Locating the big and well-known foundations and granting agencies isn't difficult - The Foundation Directory listed in the box to the right will help you do that. But many of these large foundations require time to cultivate a relationship with them or that the applicant have a successful track record with previous grants.
  • Local funding agencies are often harder to discover and may have a more limited interest area (geographically, programmatically, etc.), but are often good places for smaller or newer groups to apply to.
  • Government grants are generally reserved for multi-year endeavors and have many requirements that small or more independent applicants would have difficulty meeting.

Grant Resources - Databases and Online Directories

For local or regional grants, search Google for the terms grants agencies Texas you can add non-profit if you want to narrow results, or another suitable limiting word (education, reading, literacy, housing, the specific city or county where your group's headquarters are located, etc.).

You can use the Google box below which I've already set up with what I found to be usable search terms for the state of Texas.

Google Web Search

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