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ENG 3300 Technical and Professional Writing: PDP Assignment: Conduct Secondary Research

Journals in Your Profession

The easiest way to find journals in your profession is to search OneSearch Advanced Search for the profession name iin the search box and choose Journals under the Materials Type pull-down menu.The default search is for "Everything." To limit the number of results choose "Library Catalog."

The term "periodicals" is library lingo for journals, magazines, or anything published on a regular basis - even if it is only published once a year. Using this term will get you only periodicals. The list may be long, but it will provide you with examples of what your profession considers scholarly or trade writing.

To decide if the periodical you've found is scholarly or not, go to the Ulrichsweb database listed below, search the title, and if the matching result has a little referee jersey logo (), then the journal is a scholarly journal.

Subject-Specific Journal Sources

You can also search in any one of the subject databases we have which index articles in a specific discipline or profession. Use the tabs above to find a selected list of these databases in your specific field.

The resources here are to both academic journal, education news, and educational statistical sources.

These resources will cover popular magazines and scholarly journals, and some news sources. Good for examples of how other communities might have dealt with a similar problem with the articles (mostly) written for a general but educated audience.

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