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Doctor of Ministry Library Orientation: SBL Handbook of Style

SBL Handbook of Style Resources

The SBL Handbook of Style (hereafter Handbook) is based on the conventional footnote and bibliography referencing format. The Handbook's chapter on "Notes and Bibliographies" includes formatting rules and  21 pages of examples (46-67).

Below is a list of supplements, short guides and tools to help you navigate the finer points of SBL Handbook style.

Student Supplement for the SBL Handbook of Style, Revised 2009

This resource (hereafter Supplement) provides important updates to the Handbook, especially regarding the citation of electronic sources (see 1.6 Citation of Electronic Sources).

SBL Quick Reference (John Brown University Library)

The Quick Reference is a 2 page pdf crib sheet of the most common citations encountered. Good for grasping the basic formatting requirements of routine citation issues. Less helpful for more complicated citation issues (refer to the Handbook for these).

For advice on citation of electronic sources, prefer the Supplement to the Quick Reference.

SBL Handbook Footnote Rules (Perspectives in Religious Studies)

A longer and more detailed pdf list of common Handbook citation style issues and examples (than the Quick Reference) prepared for prospective contributors to the journal Perspectives in Religious Studies.

SBL Style for Documenting Sources (Good Library, Goshen College)

Another list of commonly encountered Handbook style citation examples.

SBL Citation Builder  (Pitts Theology Library, Emory University)

This clever application allows you to input all of the bibliographic details of your source into a template which then converts your data into a correctly formatted Handbook style citation. Brilliant!

SBL Handbook

SBL has not yet made the electronic version of the Handbook available for institutional purchase and uploading.

If you have a citation style question that is not covered by the guides and supplements in the adjoining column, you will need to consult print copies of the Handbook.

These are available upon request at the Information Desk in the Jones Library.

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