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Research Paper Planner: Guide

The links in this Guide will help you meet the research schedule laid out in the Research Paper Planner and support your research for completing essays, research papers, and theses. The schedule portion is located at

8: Preparing/Writing the First Draft

Many students dread writing the first draft.  Actually putting pen to paper or more likely fingers to the keyboard is the step that most students keep putting off.  The link below will help you tackle the first draft and dispell any anxiety that you have. 

How Creative Writers Draft - William Least Heat-Moon

The two videos linked here are interviews with two authors where they discuss their writing process.  Even if you aren't writing a creative project, these may inspire or encourage you as you struggle with writing your essay or paper.

William Least Heat-Moon is an American travel writer.  His most known work is his first book, Blue Highways: A Journey Into America, a travelouge of exploring America on less traveled roads.


How Creative Writers Draft - Alan Furst

Alan Furst is a novelist crafting stories of spies and espionage in WWII-era Europe.  His novels are known for their historical accuracy as well as for the excellence of his writing. We have several of his works in the Libraries; Spies of the Balkans: A Novel is one of his most recent works.

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